ADU Garage Conversion

Personalized ADU Garage Conversion Services in North Hollywood, CA

Home Style Builder Inc. is an environmentally friendly and innovative company that transforms your current garage space into a modern Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU), ideal for hosting and entertaining family and friends or rentable apartment houses for extra revenue. Our skilled contractors will coordinate with you on every aspect of your project, including the floor plan and drawings/design phases. ADUs are constructed utilizing already-existing garage spaces; thus, we devise and implement simple and straightforward procedures, ensuring a seamless experience.

We assure the homeowners that their project is in excellent hands throughout the process. They will have a lovely accessory dwelling unit at the end, which will raise the value of their house!

Building High-Quality ADU / Garage Conversion Units

You can convert a garage into an ADU to expand your home’s living area using our cost-effective ADU garage conversion services in North Hollywood, CA. We build high-quality ADU for the essential things in your life, whether you need an additional bedroom for the kids or want to create that home office you’ve desired for years. With extensive years of experience in ADU garage conversions, we can help you and your family live more comfortably at home.

Benefits of an ADU Garage Conversion

Extra Income

We assist homeowners in converting an existing area, such as a garage, for personal use or rent out for additional money through our personalized ADU garage conversion services in North Hollywood, CA.


ADU Garage Conversion is inexpensive since it takes place on an existing property – no land purchase is required!

Private Space

We convert your garage into a spacious private room to host family and friends or a time-out zone for kids. It is also ideal for families that require in-home care for aging parents or grandparents.

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