Room Addition

Room Addition Services in North Hollywood, CA

At some point, even the big home begins to seem crowded. Your family may have grown, you may have started working from home, or you may need a bit more space to spread out. We’ll collaborate with you to determine your requirements and develop a design strategy that fits your goals and aesthetic. Our professional construction team will endeavor to ensure that the procedure runs smoothly and that the outcomes are nothing less than you want.

Renovation your home to add one or two more rooms is advantageous over relocating to a new property. You may continue to live in the house you love by hiring our skilled room addition services in North Hollywood, CA. Instead of moving out, you can allow it to expand as you do.

Different Ways of Adding Rooms

We can either build-out, which creates the additional room or rooms at ground level; build-up, which involves adding a new structure on top of your existing rooms; or construct a separate structure from the main house.

Each kind of room extension has merits and demerits. Building up reduces your footprint but creates more commotion during construction, whereas building out reduces the amount of land available for your yard. When we begin the planning stage, we will go through every aspect in detail so you can make an informed choice.

Merits of Room Addition Services

Less Expense More Space

You can create a place that meets your unique demands by adding a room through our room addition services in North Hollywood, CA.

Substantial Increase in Future Resale Value

When the time comes to sell your home, our added room will add value to your property.

No Moving Stress

You can avoid the stress of reallocation by building an extension and room in your present house.

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